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In a well known hadeeth of our beloved Prophet Muhammed ﷺ. He said “Allah has chosen a group of people; a special group of people.” The sahaba asked “Ya RasulAllah who are they? Explain them to us”; in their eagerness to be those people. He said, “Those chosen special group of people are the people of the Quran, special people, with a special rank. Those who learn it, teach it, understand it and live by it.” May Allah allow us to be of those people, ameen.

The Islamic syllabus consists of subjects such as Arabic Language, Qur’an reading, Qur’an understanding, Qur’an memorisation, History of Islam, History of our Prophet ﷺ Fiqh, Hadith and Tawheed.

Age 5-6

Children’s Classes

We are keen to cultivate an Islamic identity using the Quran and the teachings of our Prophet ﷺ to aid the children’s upbringing. Additionally, we hope to give them a stable Islamic foundation for life as young adults by embedding the love of Islam and the Quran in their hearts in order to help them aspire to and become Ahl-ul Quran by the grace of Allah SWT.

Childrens classes are conducted once a week on Tuesdays 4:30pm-5:30pm every week.

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Age 7-15

Youth Classes

Our youth classes are scheduled on Wednesday to Thursday between 4-5pm and is open to boys 7 to 15 years of age. Our Islamic education is based on the curriculum mentioned below. Alif Ba, Quran, Tajweed, Fiqh, History of Islam.

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Age 15+

Adult Programs

Adults classes are cunducted on one on one bases depending on the level of the student. These classes can be for Alif Ba, Quran, Tajweed , Fiqh or Makharijul Huroof.

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Salatul Jumah
Salatul Jumah

Salatul Jumah, or Jum‘ah Prayers; One of the symbols of Islam carries great importance within our religion. It is an act of worship that one cannot possibly define all of the benefits. It is mentioned in the Holy Qur-an in Suratul Jum-ah; “Oh People who Believe! When the call for…

Importance of Lailatul Qadr
Importance of Lailatul Qadr

Importance of Lailatul Qadr (The Night of Decree) Times and places gain value with the important events they hold. Allah (s.w.t) tells us the importance of this night in the Holy Qur’an, in Suratul Kadr; “Indeed, We sent the Quran down during the Night of Qadr. And what can make…