Yes, there is wudu facilities for men and ladies. Mens wudu facilities are next to the masjid inside. Ladies facilities are on second floor.

Yes, ladies entrance is on the side of the building under the bridge.

Jumah Adhaan is at 13:30pm

Kutbah is at 13:40pm

As we have full-time boarding students onsite the masjid may be closed for security reasons after congregations. Please ring the bell located outside and the guard will open the gate to let you into the masjid.

Donations can be made online where you can make recurring donations, monthly Qurban donations etc., in person at the Mosque or over the phone by calling 03 9077 7066

We have 34 car park spaces on premises, during Jumah this may not be enough. Please be mindful of the privacy and comfort of our Mosque’s neighbours. Plan your journey to the Mosque to avoid rushing while driving and putting yourself and others in harm’s way. Do not park illegally and block anyone’s driveways and main entrances of the properties.

The Campbellfield Mosque is independent of any political direction. To maintain inclusivity it takes no position on any political issue, and sermons are non-political.

Yes, we conduct Hajj & Umrah programs throughout the year. Please get in contact with our Imam or alternately you can contact us on 03 9077 7066