Qurbani is defined as being near and close-by. In Deen, Qurbani; is an ibadah made financially, where a certain animal is sacrificed, on certain days of the year, an ibadah made only for the riza of Allah. Qurbani is not a tradition, nor a culture; it is and ibadah that is proven with the Quran and Sunnah. Like Zakah, Qurbani was established on the second year of Hijrah.

According to Imaam Malik, and Imaam Shaafii it is Sunnah Mu- akkadah. Sunnah Mu-akkadah is the doings of Rasulullah (s.a.w) where he would regularly perform and rarely omit. Allah (s.w.t) says in Suratul Kawthar; 2nd Ayah; “So pray to your Lord and sacrifice [to Him alone].” The word “Wanhar” meaning “Sacrifice” is a commandment. Rasulullah (s.a.w) in a hadeeth says; “Whoever has the potential to sacrifice a qurbani, yet doesn’t, don’t come anywhere near our masjeeds.” In order to perform the ibadah of Qurbani correctly and within the boundaries of Islam, it is important we learn the musts of this ibadah.

Qurbani is Vaajib to every Muslim male and female who has a reason, who is Mookim, and who is wealthy enough. Wealth is measured as (apart from their needs), owning 82 grams or more of Gold or equivalent. However, it is not necessary for a year to pass over this amount as is necessary with Zakah. Qurbaani is still Vaacip for one who gains wealth on one of the days of Eid-ul Adha.

According to Imaam Aazam Abu Hanifa, and Imaam Abu Yousef, Qurbaani is Vaacib regardless of you being an adult and have a reason or not. For this reason, if a child has wealth, parents must give Qurbaani on their child’s behalf. In order for one to gain the riza of Allah(s.w.t) and for their ibadah to be accepted, one must commit to their ibaadah, with sincerity and fulfilment. Otherwise, this ibaadah gains no spiritual value. Allah (s.w.t) says in Suratul Hajj:37; “Their meat will not reach Allah , nor will their blood, but what reaches Him is piety from you.”

We have tried to explain the ibadah of Qurbaani in short. What we must do, every individual is to look for ways to sacrifice our Qurbaanis and not for ways to not. As this is an ibaadah that is beneficial for us both in materialistic and spiritual ways, we should be looking for ways that will stretch the possibilities in fulfilment. The Awliyahs of Allah (s.w.t) have been very careful in this matter, and have said that the mystery of Ismi Aazam hides in Qurbaani just like how it is hidden within the Holy Quran. They have explained to us the importance of this ibaadah and that the Qurbaani that has been sacrificed spiritually insures the owner ‘s health until the next year. They have also advised us that, if a person can afford for a Qurbaani to pay over one year, then they should burrow this money from someone and still sacrifice that Qurbaani that year. How lucky for those who can correctly Sacrifice their Qurbaani.